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Andy O’Brien’s energy is infectious. His unique way of connecting life and business benefits anyone attending his presentations. 

As one of the top coaches in ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Andy O’Brien brings over twenty-five years of exceptional leadership and personal development experience to executives and business owners. In addition to coaching executives & business owners, he conducts public & private workshops & seminars. He is an inspirational keynote speaker, a results oriented business coach and a global trainer for coaches around the world. 

Experience the journey from family feuds to financial success—where every meeting isn’t a meltdown.

Have you ever questioned your decision to start or join a family business? Do you sometimes feel that your family business is just one board meeting away from turning into a chaotic drama, something out of a reality TV show? If so, this book is your survival guide, filled with humorous stories and practical strategies to maintain your sanity while achieving profitability.

Put down what you’re doing, grab your wallet, and consider investing in this book because, trust us, if you think family holidays are chaotic, wait until you factor in the complexities of profit margins!


15 Steps to Family, Peace,
Harmony, Productivity, and Profit

Why Read Andy's Book?

Unfiltered Lessons: Each chapter serves as a blueprint for different facets of running a business and managing personal growth. Andy’s unfiltered honesty about his failures and victories offers a roadmap that is both inspiring and instructive.

Diverse Business Insights: Whether it’s understanding the nuances of revenue versus profit, the significance of building trust within your team, or the art of rightsizing your business, Andy’s book covers a spectrum of essential topics with depth and nuance.

Inspirational Anecdotes: Andy’s storytelling brings to light the human aspect of entrepreneurship. His anecdotes are not just tales but lessons that inspire action, reflection, and a desire to pursue greater purpose in both business and life.

Actionable Strategies: Beyond the stories, the book is a treasure trove of actionable strategies that business owners can implement. From creating effective systems to enhancing productivity and profitability, Andy offers insights that are both strategic and operational.


Andy O’Brien’s WTF Was I Thinking: Family Business is brimming with tips for anyone who has a family business, is considering starting a family business, or grew up in a family-owned busi- ness. O’Brien packages his years of experience in a practical, easy-to-understand collection of tips, anecdotes, and hard- earned wisdom in this smart, bold, and entertaining guide.

-Heather Gudenkauf, NYT bestselling author-

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